👋 Hi, I am Marcel Mehlmann

🧑‍💻 About me:

I am currently working at my Bachelor in computer science at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen. Besides studying i work as a Technical Director and DevOps-Guy over at tinyCampus. Sometimes i try to blog or to give a talk about the stuff i am interested in.

🤔 I am interested in:


I am using Linux for over ten years now. I love linux because it gives me the opportunity to have control over my system


Tinkering with servers to host various stuff is a passion of mine.


Free/libre open source software is a fundamental aspect of digital life and should always be strived for.


Our privacy is constantly under attack. This is why i try to educate people on how to regain theirs.


I want to use my technical expertise to develop education.


I love listening to music. Feel free to check out my music recommendation.

📮 Contact me:

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